Meet Christine Boss – Pharmacist/Biochemist/Master Personal Trainer

HealthSpan is proud to announce that we are strategically partnering with Christine Boss who is the owner and founder of “Core Intervention” which offers a comprehensive healing and wellness program that is laser focused on maximizing the health of our clients by increasing oxygen utilization.
Christine is an Integrative Medicine Pharmacist and Clinical Master Personal Trainer. Although conventional drugs may be of some value for specific situations, they are not the answer for prevention or elimination of disease. The focus of Christine’s work aT “Core Intervention” is to create an environment in the body that allows it to be optimally healthy and fit, then using diet & exercise, force positive physiological adaptions to achieve patient goals. Declining hormones and sarcopenia (muscle loss) are the hallmark of aging. Because of the frustration with our current medical system lacking education regarding proper hormone therapy, Christing added 2 additional years to her medical science training to concentrate on ADVANCED HORMONE OPTIMIZATION taught by world hormone expert Dr. Neal Rouzier. (WorldLink Medical).
Christine is not a medical doctor. She is an Integrative Medicine Pharmacist and Clinical Master Personal Trainer. Christine has partnered with HealthSpan to have access to highly educated and experienced trainers to perform the weight training portion of the “Core Intervention” system for her clients. She also offers EWOT (exercise with oxygen training) and targeted functional medicine testing to provide the most comprehensive and unparalleled fitness and wellness program in the industry.