Declining hormones and sarcopenia (muscle loss) are the hallmark of aging. Optimal hormone levels reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction and cancer, the top killers in the US. Where would you like your levels to be? There are thousands of legitimate mainstream documented scientific therapies to help maintain optimal health and slow aging. Why not take advantage of the EXISTING medical literature to improve the chances of living longer in good health? This is called Evidence Based Medicine.

Licensed Pharmacist


Christina Boss

Biochemist, Pharmacist, Master Clinical Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist.
  • 25+
  • Biomedical Science
  • College of Pharmacy
The focus of Christine's work is to create an environment in the body that allows it to be optimally healthy and fit - then, using diet & exercise, force positive physiological adaptions to achieve patient goals.

Nutrition Programs:

Not only do we address the function and balance of your body, we can also assess your micro-nutrient levels to find the right balance for you. If we get your micro-nutrient levels right, then you will sleep better and achieve better overall function.
NUTRITION IS CRITICAL - If you don't have fuel or nutrition then your nervous and cardiovascular systems won't work well or fire in the right order to achieve quick recovery from workouts. It's all about adaptation to proposed demand and response. This approach makes us unique - we look at the entire body from nutrition, balance, and strength - in order to maximize results and healing, as well as minimize risk of future injury.