The fastest way to improve your health & fitness is to work with a personal trainer

We partner with you to design a program specifically for you. Programs include cardiovascular, strength or flexibility training.


Personal training includes some elements of rehabilitation exercise training, not complete departure, just focusing on which elements...

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Declining hormones and sarcopenia (muscle loss) are the hallmark of aging. Optimal hormone levels reduce risk of...

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3We have a practice dedicated to movement disorders. The movement disorder discipline addresses general instability due to...

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A physical therapist works on very specific modalities where we integrate everything.  For example, we focus on...

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Healthspan Personal Training
Commit to your fitness today!


“ If you’re not getting better,,,you’re getting worse. ”

What to expect on your first visit.

We offer a complete fitness approach so that you will perform better both mentally and physically. We incorporate fun into our programs and create a safe environment for our clients to get to their best self.
During our first visits together we will work with you to assess any weaknesses and incorporate that information into a comprehensive plan to achieve well-being for you. Postural stability creates structural integrity. If movement patterns are good, you can maintain balance and stay integrated with all of your components working together like movement of ankles, hips, arms and feet. Prior injuries to any of these can compromise fitness if not addressed.
We will work with you to achieve balance, symmetry and function so that you can do performance based activities, but rarely do we start with them as it will increase risk of injury. We meet you where you are and assess your goals. whether you are a professional athlete looking to accelerate their game or a busy mom wanting to achieve fitness and overall health, we will create a plan that includes building a solid foundation and a path to achieve your fitness goals safely and securely.


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